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Dbsizr Fact Sheet

DbSizr is a Performance Analysis and Sizing framework for Database Servers and applications. DbSizr is used by developers to engineer high-performance applications. DbSizr also allows the Database Architect/Engineer/Administrator to easily characterize the Performance, Scalability and Sizing of the Database application under test. DbSizr, like other Technovations' products can be used to perform custom benchmarking exercises.

DbSizr works with any ODBC compatible driver to simulate client activity on the server. DbSizr uses your standard SQL or calls to stored procedures. DbSizr works with all the leading relational database engines including but not limited to Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, Sybase and Informix among others.

DbSizr packs a few reserved command verbs as part of its command set. These commands are used to manage experiments.

One important characteristic of DbSizr is that it can take any SQL that you generate as part of it's script file and play this against a server. There are no special scripting languages that you need to learn to do your tests.

DbSizr gives the tester an ability to collect detailed timing statistics. It also captures the query data and logs this into a file for later viewing. This makes debugging test scripts easy.

DbSizr also comes with a automatic report writer which generates HTML documents that can be browsed/analyzed later. Follow this link for a more detailed description of usage of DbSizr, including screen shots from a real test run. Better yet, you can try the application yourself by following the download link below.

Pricing and Availability:
DbSizr is available now. You can download a free evaluation copy of DbSizr. DbSizr pricing is based on the number of users you need to create during test. Please follow this link for online pricing information.

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