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 Groupsizr Fact Sheet

GroupSizr (formerly known as NoteSizr) is an advanced performance Analysis and Sizing Framework for Lotus Notes/Domino Servers and Applications. GroupSizr allows the Architect/System Engineer to exercise NSF and NIF functionality of the Notes database.

The basic command set allows the tester to do typical database operations. GroupSizr has a set of built in test management command verbs that allow a high degree of test manipulation and control.

In addition to the basic set of commands and test management verbs, GroupSizr offers an intermediate and advanced set of verbs for tests which need to target specific applications and databases. These allow the user an unprecedented level of sophistication and refinement of the test scenario.

Also, GroupSizr supports the following applications through specific command verbs.

  • Notes MAIL (generate mail workloads)
  • FTSEARCH (do searches across FT indexed databases)
  • REPLICATION (replicate local with remote databases)
  • (REMOTE CONSOLE) which can be used to control Ops against
    Remote Replicator
    Indexer and Full Text Indexer
    Mail Router
    Console Queries
    Custom Notes add-in tasks on the remote server.

Follow this link for a more detailed description of usage of GroupSizr.

Pricing and Availability:
GroupSizr is available now. You can download a free evaluation copy of GroupSizr. GroupSizr pricing is based on the number of users you plan to create during test. Please follow this link for online pricing information.

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