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Websizr Fact Sheet

WebSizr is a performance Analysis and Sizing framework for HTTP based Servers and applications. Application developers use WebSizr to engineer high-performance web applications. WebSizr helps the Architect/System Engineer to easily characterize the Performance, Scalability and Sizing of the following -

  • HTTP based web servers.
  • Internet/Intranet Applications.
  • Electronic Commerce Applications.
WebSizr is primarily a server measurement tool but it can also help you simulate client behavior by modeling think times and client processing times using 'events'. This can also come to be useful if you are using Java Applets/ JavaScript/ Other client side scripts to offload work to the client.

WebSizr supports all types of HTTP request types- GETS, POSTS, HEADS, etc. and also packs a set of easy to use but powerful test management verbs that make it easy to do advanced benchmarking exercises.

WebSizr supports Secure Sockets Layer (SSL V2 and SSL V3) and also supports TLS V1.0.

WebSizr allows you to manipulate various user and network settings. It also gives the tester an ability to collect detailed timing statistics. It also captures the HTML/text pages that are part of the overall transaction. This makes debugging the test scripts easy.

WebSizr also comes with a automatic report writer that writes test results to HTML. The report writer can document some of the most intricate test details which can help reproduce tests at a later time or help in the analysis of tests.

WebSizr also supports a record and replay paradigm. Scripts that are recorded through Technovations WebCorder can be used by WebSizr to simulate user activity with unprecedented accuracy.

Follow this link for a more detailed description of usage of WebSizr, including screen shots from a real test run. Better yet, you can try the application yourself by following the download link below.

Pricing and Availability:
WebSizr is available now. You can download a free evaluation copy of WebSizr.
WebSizr pricing is based on the number of users you plan to create during test.
Please follow this link for online pricing information.

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